Technical services solutions for the cement industry

“It’s not just about providing a service to the customer – it goes a step further, to understand what problems the customer has in delivering its own business, and helping the customer to be more successful.”

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reliability centered maintenance "RCM"

Focus on Management, Efficiency, and Equipment Reliability.

RCM should produce the perfect maintenance program – the least possible plant equipment maintenance cost for ensuring low operational risk and high equipment reliability, all of it resulting in optimizing Plant Operation and Maintenance/Key Performance Indicators.”


maintenance management system "MMS"

MMS achieves the baseline to establish all the maintenance practices and processes to keep a high operating consistency throughout the production equipment.
A holistic approach of the Maintenance structure and methodology to ensure equipment and facility maintenance comply with increasing operating availability, reliability, the life cycle of the assets, and performance and optimize total costs of ownership.


Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) Implementation

Helping you achieve your plant goals.

By monitoring and analyzing performance data and comparing them with benchmarks, many sustainable opportunities for improvement can be found; hence plans for cost optimization (Capex) can and should be developed and implemented to operate in this age of competitive profits.


Maintenance Certification Program

This Certification Program is focused on the relevant maintenance engineering issues, concentrating maintenance guidelines with other disciplines, resulting in the management of assets and their functions.
The technicians, supervisors, maintenance managers, and production personnel who propose to solve the different challenges in your organization, establishing specific requirements, commitments, and particular solutions in the knowledge, skills, and abilities and would like to become a maintenance specialist or future maintenance managers and professionals responsible for building and sustaining a world-class maintenance program, must be part of this certification.


Operator Certification Program

Our Training & Certification Program is an excellent resource for the on-site personnel to operate the equipment safely and efficiently to ensure its reliability, maximize its service life, maintain high-efficiency standards, and most importantly, standardize operating procedures between operators. The training delivery is a blend of classroom theory, practical case studies, and work section.


our expertise

Kiln preheater tower

competitive edge

The Cement Institute delivers market-leading know-how and technical assistance. The scope of our services covers all major cement equipment. We focus on the plant issues and adopt a flexible approach to match your specific needs.

Our core definition

Maximize our customers’ plant availability and return on assets focus on Control and General Administration (indicators, delays, costs, planning and scheduling, organization, maintenance roles, and functions).

boxing service

As the entire cement industry struggles to accomplish more with fewer resources, plant maintenance presents growing technical and management challenges. At The Cement Institute, our complete support services portfolio is dedicated to helping maintenance managers keep availability to an absolute maximum while meeting increasingly tough cost and performance targets. We can help you achieve the high kiln availability your plant needs to be competitive and profitable by helping you identify, prioritize, and correct problems before they become a threat to production.

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