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Inspiring you towards knowledge and new skills

More and more companies realize the value of bringing training on-site. TCI On-site Training is a flexible, cost-effective option that allows you to train as many or as few employees as you need - from a single team or department to everyone in your organization.

As a manager, you want to know that the knowledge provided in training will apply to your business and will address specific challenges that employees encounter. TCI On-site training provides this by tailoring the learning experience to your team’s unique needs. TCI On-site training allows the instructor to walk your facility, familiarize themselves with your operation, and gather further insights into how they can apply the training to the scenarios that employees deal with on a daily basis.

While other training methods are undoubtedly beneficial, they may speak in more general terms about concepts and techniques, leaving trainees with questions about how they can implement what they’ve learned. The scenarios presented during on-site training will not be generic examples that could apply to any business but rather situations that apply specifically to your workplace.

With tangible examples of how to apply different concepts to your plant, you will be able to optimize your safety, operation, and maintenance management systems, productivity, and your bottom line. In addition, customizing the training experience to your organization’s specific needs shows employees that you are invested in their knowledge and skills, and well-being and recognize the importance of integrating the process learned into the organization.

On-site training is becoming more and more of a necessity for organizations worldwide; specialized training following the organization’s needs helps teams become more productive and innovative.



On-site program is becoming more and more of a necessity for organizations worldwide; specialized program following the organization’s needs helps teams become more productive and innovative.

Keep employees up to date

While many employees are offered entrance training when they first join an organization, continuing onsite training provides them the capacity to build up their skills further and extend their expert learning. Since cement plant processes are continually evolving, it’s critical that employee is offered access to new training and stay up to date.



Delicate organizational data and documentation can be shared by members and utilized as solid illustrations amid intuitive and confidential workshop sessions with absolute confidence.


Tailored Program Content

Organizations can tailor every aspect of the training process and customize the programs according to the company’s recommendations. Guiding employees on which areas the organization would like them to focus on for a specific process, operation, or maintenance.


Enhances employee productivity and profits

Employees are able to build new skills, develop existing skill sets, and gather new knowledge of different areas and processes in the cement industry that will boost their on-the-job productivity.
TCI Provides a competitive edge and strategies learning methods for increasing overall equipment availability, reliability, and performance and improved workforce utilization with an efficient, effective and proactive maintenance and operation process program.


Employees have access to training that works around their schedule

With on-site training, training can be scheduled to the organization’s needs and learning, and development professionals can plan training to suit their employees rather than the usual classroom style, which has a specified schedule that often clashes with work hours.



The most significant advantage of on-site training is the location. With the training done on the company’s premises, employees save valuable time, which otherwise would have been lost on commuting from another area to the trainer.
On-site training additionally allows the organization to be free to make last-minute changes and make additional changes to who might or might not be helpful to include into the training, for example, an operations manager who could share a few experiences with the class or an up-and-coming executive who might be willing to sit in the next available training program.



Tailor-made training courses

The Cement Institute’s training programs are adequate solutions designed to address the specific challenges of clients’ sites:

– Effective Communication: We work collectively to create and prepare what topics and areas are to be covered, set the target goal, and pinpoint areas of needed improvements.

– Critical Thinking: Looks at the employee and organizational knowledge, skills, and abilities, to identify gaps or areas of need.

– Hands-on Training: These are developed to tackle your actual plant condition and challenges.

Work Section and Case Study: Effectively analyze plant data, solve quantitative problems through case study and work section development.

– Documentation: With your input, the training materials are designed and developed to highlight your learning curve.


Control room operator

Tailor-made training solutions

The Cement Institute’s training programs are adequate solutions designed to address clients’ sites’ specific challenges. The machinery’s mechanical and operational processes are considered in the development and selection of each program with relevant topics to the customer organization.
TCI prepares the training course oriented to your plant goals, focus on the return of your investment, performance, reliability, and profitability. All the critical aspect is encompassed, plant and personnel, to ensure results to the participants.


The aims of The Cement Institute training programs are to:

  • Outcome-based knowledge and skill
  • Value added skill training
  • Professional development
  • Attendees hands-on activities
  • Operational, maintenance and process continuous improvement
  • Root cause analysis
  • Safety and hazard recognition

On-site training covers each of the topics with a site visit to employ the concept learned into tangible results.


On-site specific training

Our specific training courses are designed to provide the attendee with the information needed to interpret their maintenance and operation management process as well as make an improvement to their processes so they can more effectively and efficiently use their maintenance and operation resources.


Maximize learning and minimize downtime

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