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Online Admission System

Automated online software system works 24 x 7 - Simplifies submission process - Reduces Paperwork - Dynamic and User Friendly.

Quality Content

Relevant - Engaging - Specific - Actionable - Credible - Accessible - Thorough - Relatable.

Assessment Management & Live Feedback

Periodic quizzes and tests during the course can help students evaluate progress. It also helps students gain extra practice outside their regular classwork or ongoing projects.

Motivational Triggers

Giving students continual motivation and a sense of progress is a feature found on every up-and-coming TCI course.

Easy Payment Methods

Provide a range of payment methods including credit, debit, net banking, etc. - Offer popular gateways that students know are secure - Allow payments without requiring an account - Don’t use redirection - Ask for essential information only - Make errors easy to fix.

Student information management

Student Information Management Systems (SIMS) take care of activities such as keeping records of tests, attendance, performance appraisal.


Frequently asked questions and answers.

Students join our online courses for a variety of reasons and come from diverse backgrounds, professions, and age groups. With online courses, you can

  • Advance your skill-set or begin a career change.
  • Take the next step in your formal education.
  • Ease the transition before entering a new role or position.
  • Enjoy learning a new topic.

Whatever the reason, our online courses are a flexible way of learning about cement without disrupting your daily life.


There are no prerequisites. Our courses are open to students of all backgrounds who are 18 years of age and older.

All courses are conducted in English. Video lectures include English subtitles and the option to slow-down, pause, or replay lectures for better retention. Discussion boards are a critical component of each of our courses; therefore, we suggest students have a conversational knowledge of English when pursuing a Certificate of Completion. For any of The Cement Institute  courses, students need to be 100% proficient in written English.


With online learning, you may view the course materials on your own schedule. The content will be available to all students 24/7. However, you may be required to meet at set times with the trainer member.


Methods vary by course and instructor but may include synchronous lectures, videos, podcasts, animations, interactive chat rooms, blog posts, and more. Please refer to the syllabus for your course details about how your class will be taught.


All online courses require an internet connection. And although they may have different technical requirements, almost all online courses are offered through a web-based learning system. Generally, you’ll interact with the instructor and other students via discussion boards, interactive chat rooms, video conferences, email and/or phone.


If you are having technical problems, your first contact should be the IT Service Desk at In most cases they will be able to resolve your questions. The IT Service Desk will also be able to direct you to the right resource if you need additional support. IT Service Desk hours are from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm (Eastern Time).


Students who excel in online courses are generally organized, motivated, independent, and have good time-management skills.


If you are new to online learning, we recommend that you begin with one course. As our courses are offered frequently throughout the year, you can always come back and continue your studies with one or more topics.


It is recommended that you begin your course promptly. If you do need to start the course a few days late, contact your instructor as soon as possible after the course has opened to discuss your options. Registration closes on the Friday after the course begins.


Registration is available on our website. Just follow these simple steps:

Click the “Enroll Now” button in the top right corner of your screen.

Select “Online Courses.”

Choose your course(s).

You will be asked for basic contact information and your credit card payment. We require full payment at the time of registration and all tuition is billed in US dollars. Be sure to check with your bank or credit card company, as your financial institution may charge a foreign transaction fee.


Most courses are offered at least 4 times during the year. Certain courses can fill up quickly, so be sure to register early.


We apologize for this inconvenience. We encourage you to reach out to your financial institution as further permissions may be needed to complete the payment. You are also welcomed to write to for further guidance. Please wait a full 24 hours before trying again. A strong Internet connection and up-to-date browser are strongly recommended.


As noncredit courses, our online courses are not eligible for state or federal financial aid. Some students seek professional development support from their employer or from external scholarships. In the United States, fees paid for professional development are deductible from your personal income taxes to the extent permitted by current law.

While we do not offer automatic payment plans at this time, please reach out to to discuss payment alternatives, such as wire transfers.


In order to be granted a full tuition refund, you must cancel your registration by sending an email to by 5:00 pm (your local time) 5 full business days before the course’s start date.  Please note we are unable to reimburse for any currency conversion fees charged by your credit-card issuer.


You will receive a confirmation email with information on when and how you can access your course. Check the details.

Two weeks before the course begins, you will be given access to the TCI Online Community, a learning and networking space. This space provides you with guides and tools for successful online learning and gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself to fellow students from across the globe.


We currently offer 4-week, 6-week, and 8-week courses. Check the course dates listed online prior to registration.

For a 4-week or 6-week course, you can expect to spend 5-7 hours a week reviewing and completing the course material.

For an 8-week course, you can expect to spend 8-10 hours a week reviewing and completing the course material.


Our How It Works page provides more information on what the online experience is and how you can expect to interact with your course.


There is no set class time as your course can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We recommend logging on 3 – 4 times a week for two hours or more to stay engaged with the class discussion boards and the course materials, as well as to communicate with your instructor.


Please inform your instructor. Make every effort to continue working on the course while you’re away. It is important that you contact your instructor as soon as possible to determine what, if any, arrangements can be made for your situation.


All the reading materials you are required to access are included with your course. Instructors may provide recommended and suggested texts for further exploration.


Get your certificate: When you successfully complete an Online Course, you are eligible to receive a digital certificate of completion. We encourage you to review your instructor’s syllabus to understand the Certificate of Completion requirements for your course. These requirements often include the following:

  • Active participation in the majority of discussion boards
  • Timely submission of all assignments

Most courses have 1-2 short written assignments, but it can vary and it is important for you to follow -up with your instructor early in the course should you have any questions or concerns regarding your eligibility or the requirements.  Certificates of Completion are delivered to the email used at the time of registration, and can be expected no later than 3 weeks after the course ends. These digital verified credentials allow you to present a trustworthy record of your learning to anyone at any time.  

Our certificate platform, Accredible, permits you to share your achievement on various social media platforms, embed it on your website, and add it to your LinkedIn profile.


Online Courses are intended to deepen your knowledge of a particular field, but cannot be formally applied as credits to other institutions


You can contact the Online Team at or at +1 917 937 8067.


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