Inside the kiln with clinker


The course aims at equipping the participants with knowledge in the ways of enhancing productivity through process diagnostic studies, process optimization and troubleshooting in the pyro technology system.

Learning outcomes

An emphasis on the understanding of the pyro-process technology system: – raw mix design, burnability and clinker Quality – optimization of heat consumption – operation and process diagnostic studies and productivity enhancement of the clinker production – energy conservation and energy audit in pyro system – refractory and management practices – Impact of raw mix on coating and build-ups and refractory performance – chemical clinker analysis – Improvement of burnability through use of mineralizers, techno-economic assessment.

Hands-On Practice

A unique combination of theoretical and practical skills throughout this course will be learned, which will help you to develop and execute the concepts and technical knowledge acquired in the daily activities of process and operation.

Course Contents

Providing details of the processing equipment of cement kiln systems  – Safety and Process Control of Cement Kiln –Standard operation procedures –  Alkali Bypasses – Chemical Reactions and analysis –  Rotary Kiln –  Raw Material characteristics – Alternative Fuel – Energy Conservation and Energy AuditCalciner Reaction –  Calciner Fuels –  Process Diagnostic Studies and Productivity Enhancement –  Developmental trends in pre-heaters, pre-calciners, kilns, burners and grate coolers – Developments in refractories and refractory management

Clinker coolers – Emission standards – Applications of optical microscopy in cement industry – Chemistry of clinker burning – Pre – Post tests.


The course consists of theoretical classroom training, exercises, case study, work section and calculations.


To enhance and facilitate the participants’ learning experiences, the following materials are as part of the course package:

  • Participant manual:
  • Include the key concepts, definitions, and activities presented in this course.
  • Work section book:
  • Provide learning activities and hands-on practice. Solutions are included after each exercise for direct feedback.



5 days

Planned course days

To be agreed.


The course can be held on approved cement plant as well as off-site locations.

Registration fee

To be agreed. 

A New level of competence