Kiln Control System for the Cement Industry

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The Cement Institute
Kiln burner firing

Kiln Control System for the Cement Industry

To produce a consistent product at the desired output, quality, and cost.


What do we mean by Kiln Control

Why is good kiln control important

Review current strategy


High-Level Control

How can we improve kiln control


What do we mean by Kiln Control

  • Basic kiln control
  • Quality control
  • Optimization

Components of Good Kiln Control


Factors which affect Steady Operation


Basic Control – Signals Used

  • Burning Zone condition
    • Nox
    • Amps
    • Pyrometer
  • Combustion conditions
    • O2
    • CO
  • Material preparation
    • kiln inlet temp
    • preheater exit temp

Setting of Control Levels

Control Setpoints

Why is Kiln Control Difficult

  • Not a precise science
  • Multiple dependencies/constraints
  • Non-linear response necessary
  • Not always possible to achieve all targets
  • Process time lags / system inertia
  • Requires constant adjustment for optimum performance

Optimization of Kiln System

  • Good control of the process
  • Decide on overall strategy

Max output

Min fuel consumption

minimum dust loss

  • Strategy for optimizing BZT, O2, BET

Other Sensors

  • CO – safety, O2 optimization
  • SO2 – early indication of reducing conditions
  • Pyrometers
  • Shell scanners
  • Online free lime analyzer

Free Lime Correlation


Free Lime vs Kiln Amps

Targets for Kiln Control

Clinker Quality

Clinker Tph

Fuel Consumption




Potential Benefits

  • Consistent operation
  • Management control
  • Improved understanding
  • Environmental control
  • Reduced costs

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