20 - 24 March 2023 Miami, Florida

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Vertical coal mill


The training aims to Identify and understand necessary known and unknown information towards the completed cycle of the crushing and grinding system. Throughout the course, the lectures are supplemented with exercises and case studies, allowing the participants to relate the course material to their cement crushing and grinding facility and, as a result understanding the changing needs of cement producers and how to tailor solutions to meet those needs. Optimizing output, improving efficiency and reliability while keeping production costs to a minimum comprises some of the topics covered in this seminar.



  • Maintenance and process consideration – best practices.
  • Optimize and standardize operation and maintenance techniques, improving the overall equipment efficiency.
  • Review and implement the most efficient operation and maintenance practices to achieve a sustainable and stable run time in the system.


A unique combination of theoretical and practical skills throughout this course will be learned, which will help you develop and execute the concepts and technical knowledge acquired in the daily activities of operation and maintenance.


Roller grinding and water spray system in a vertical mill

“The seminar is designed for operation and maintenance personnel.”

Aims of the seminar

An emphasis on the understanding of the crushing and milling technology system:

Evaluation and optimization of the function and primary stress of the different types of crushers from the process and mechanical standpoint — Test efficiency evaluation and the different grindability measurement methods — Time evolution of the mill and grinding department. Gas flow, advantage, and disadvantage in the Coal, Raw mill, and Cement mill installations – Grindability concept and the effects of inter-grinding materials of different grindability – Ball mill grinding equations and dimensioning – Working principles of a separator – Grinding aids and other tools to boost efficiency – Control concepts – Influence of the grinding process on raw material and cement quality – Evaluation of performance and optimization of ball mills, roller presses, and vertical roller mills.


Define accurately and continuously measure student progress and knowledge, graphing and analyzing technical and conceptual data to provide staff and organization with the tools to respond effectively to the needs of the plant and current and future demands.
Help Operation and Maintenance Personnel improve productivity, efficiency, performance, and quality of the workforce; anticipating and eliminating possible delays through the understanding and identification of the critical elements that impact the cement crushing’s performance and reliability grinding system.



  • Continuous education
  • Advance techniques and new skills
  • Stay competitive
  • Enhance teamwork
  • Improve maintenance quality and productivity
  • Keep updates with industry developments
  • Improvements in overall plant performance
  • Gain new knowledge
  • Develop new skills


  • A refresher of general plant safety overview
  • An emphasis of special Hazards During the Cement Production Phases
  • Understand the process of fineness requirements
  • Understand the process of separation requirements
  • Understand the concepts of grindability
  • Understand the concepts of drying
  • Understand the concepts of venting
  • Understand the concepts of cooling
  • Understand the concepts of coal grinding
  • Understand the process of Comminution and Separation Theories
  • Raw Materials Extraction-Quarry Operations Understand the Factors influencing the cement quality
  • Identification of the main Raw Materials for Cement Manufacture
  • Understand the Quarry
  • Homogenization and Storage Raw Materials
  • Raw Material Grinding
  • Nozzle Ring, Stability, and Capacity Issues
  • Exploration
  • Understand the design process of mining plan
  • Quality control of the mining process
  • Crushing Theory
  • Identification of the different types of crushers
  • The Main Parameters for Crushers Design
  • Raw Mill Optimization
  • Drying and grinding of coal
  • VRM Capacity
  • VRM Separators
  • Cement Grinding in VRMs
  • Ball Mills
  • Ball Mill Inspection
  • Separators
  • Cement Grinding in Ball Mills
  • Grinding Aids
  • Roll Press Principles
  • Roll Press Raw Grinding
  • Roll Press Cement Grinding
  • Slag Grinding
  • Fans System
  • Emissions Control
  • Cement Standards
  • Blended types of cement
  • Cement Quality
  • Crusher Classification
  • Crushing Theory
  • Ball Mill Maintenance
  • Ball Mill Mechanical Elements
  • Mill, Internal Components
  • Mill, external Components
  • Ball Mill Repairs
  • Shell replacement
  • Ball Mill Alignment
  • Ball Mill Drive
  • What is Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)?
  • The Truth About Machinery and Equipment
  • Areas of Maintenance Management Discipline
  • Typical Causes of Failures
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Vertical Roller Mill 
  • Overview
  • Grinding Table Assembly
  • Grinding Rollers
  • Rocker Arms
  • Hydro-pneumatic Spring System
  • Wear profile on Tire segments
  • Wear Protection
  • Hardfacing
  • Grease Lubrication System
  • Water Spray Systems
  • Mill Body
  • Separation Theory
  • Ball Mill Separators
  • Vertical Mill Separators
  • Hydraulic Spring System – Basics
  • Roller Hydraulic System –Accumulators
  • Grinding Pressure
  • Hydraulic System Basic Concepts


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20 - 24, March 2023

Miami, Florida, USA

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