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Cement Technology Production Seminar

The Seminar explores the key elements of the various challenges faced by different cement plants around the world. The process,  operation, and cement production of all the different departments in the cement industry, starting with the quarry and the crushing department and finishing with the packing area. The course aims at equipping the participants with knowledge in the ways of enhancing productivity through process diagnostic studies, process optimization and troubleshooting for the complete cement plant. 


Help Operation Personnel to improve productivity, efficiency, performance, and quality of the workforce; anticipating and eliminating possible delays through the understanding and identification of the key elements that impact the performance of the cement production in the cement plant.


The Process Technology Seminars provide intensive exposure to specific topics through presentations, books and documentation and discussions led by multiple experts of the cement industry.

  • Originate and develop constructive ideas.
  • Initiate good conceptual ideas with practical applications.
  • Stand Out in plant-oriented decisions.
  • Develop strong operation and process control measures to ensure optimal results

“The seminar is designed for operation, process and production personnel.”

Aims of the seminar

Heat efficiency, plant availability, reduced emissions, and alternative fuel suitability, as well as reduced maintenance costs, are one the key factor in the cement process technology, which enables the cement industry to cope with the challenges it is facing today. This seminar understands and employs analytical techniques, operational procedures, and methodology process to allow the participants to explore alternative approaches to effectively provide focused attention to the power, kilocalories consumption and plant performance.

Define accurately and continuously measure student progress and knowledge, graphing and analyzing technical and conceptual data to provide staff and organization with the tools to respond effectively to the needs of the plant, as well as current and future demands.

This seminar is precisely designed to provide:
• Flexibility of choosing between optional topics.
• Group work and structured discussion groups focused on your own plant challenges.
• Evaluation and test of knowledge learned.
• Dynamic results demonstrating eagerness and capacity to learn among the participants.


  • Continuous education
  • Advance techniques and new skills
  • Stay competitive
  • Enhance teamwork
  • Improve maintenance quality and productivity
  • Keep updates with industry developments
  • Improvements in overall plant performance
  • Gain new knowledge
  • Develop new skills


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15 – 19, November 2021

Miami, Florida, USA