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Start Date: May 20, 2024



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Includes live sections in English and Spanish!


A 5-week modular course is designed to give the course attendee a solid understanding of the kiln maintenance system.

An emphasis on the understanding of the kiln maintenance technology: Kiln alignment, measurement, and consequences of the kiln shell temperature – optimization of kiln run factor– evaluation of kiln behavior based on kiln operation and process diagnostic – Impact of the burnability and kiln reliability – Evaluate, analyze and develop kiln maintenance activities based on failure mode equipment analysis.

Recognizing the importance of life-cycle and kiln reliability and establishing the right maintenance program represents a key element to achieving an optimal kiln run factor and performance.

This course covers the cement plant’s different challenges, an assessment of the plant situation focusing on equipment availability, reliability, and maintenance cost. Understand the equipment design and its limitations. Optimize and standardize preventive maintenance techniques, improve the overall equipment efficiency, and reduce the possibility of equipment failure – review and implement the best maintenance practices to achieve sustainable and stable run time.

This course aims to impart knowledge of maintenance procedures and maintenance instruction and predictive maintenance and condition monitoring techniques. The training will include case studies with actual plant data to improve skills and experience through group works, technical measuring, and individual evaluation and conclusions based on the kiln run-through inspection. The course consists of theoretical training, lectures, exercises, case study, and work sections.

Kiln Maintenance Learning Outcomes

This course gives the participants a more in-depth knowledge of a cement kiln’s components to learn the proper preventive maintenance, addressing essential cost-efficiency issues by focusing on the root cause and failure mode equipment analysis. The course program has been designed to outcome-based knowledge and skill covering real value parameters associated with cement kiln maintenance activities, such as:

  • Understand the equipment design and its limitations.
  • Optimize and standardize preventive maintenance techniques, improving the overall equipment efficiency and reducing the possible equipment failure.
  • Review and implementation of the best maintenance practices to achieve sustainable and stable run time with the equipment.
  • Eagerness and capacity to learn among the participants.


Who is this course for?

This course is primarily geared to all kiln maintenance staff personnel focusing on the preventive maintenance area. Future managerial persons, whether from maintenance or production, may also benefit significantly by participating.

Those with little or no prior experience with kiln maintenance will learn to understand, interpret, and use the core concepts of equipment design and their limitations. Gain valuable skills that can be used immediately to analyze and implement preventive maintenance.

Individual responsibility is vital for reaching usable technical conclusions and presenting their results to obtain a course certificate.


Learning Path

Topic 1: A refresher of general plant safety overview

Topic 2: An emphasis on special Hazards During the Cement Production Phases


Topic 1: Preheater tower

Topic 2: Kiln Process Introduction

Topic 2: Kiln Maintenance Introduction – RCA & FMEA


Topic 1: Kiln Shell Specification

Topic 2: Kiln Shell Deformation

Topic 3: Measuring Kiln Shell Deformation

Topic 4: Kiln Shell Mechanical Consideration

Topic 5: Cutting & Replacement of Kiln Shell Section


Topic 1: Kiln Alignment (Kiln Axis)

Topic 2: Horizontal & Vertical Axis Deviation

Topic 3: Kiln Loads, Pressures, Stresses

Topic 4: Kiln Alignment

Topic 5: Preventive Maintenance


Topic 1: Kiln Bearing Types

Topic 2: Bearing Liners

Topic 3: Bearing Lubrication


Topic 1: Kiln Support Piers

Topic 2: Kiln Support Rollers

Topic 3: Kiln Axial Balance

Topic 4: Kiln Roller Adjustment

Topic 5: Kiln Roller Calculation


Topic 1: Tire Clearances & Tangential Tire

Topic 2: Ovality

Topic 3: Tire Mounting and Filler Bar Design

Topic 4: Correcting Ovality


Topic 1: The Gear and Pinion (Gear Basics)

Topic 2: Horizontal & Vertical Axis Deviation

Topic 3: Gear Installation and Alignment

Topic 4: Lubrication

Topic 5: Maintenance and Troubleshooting


Topic 1: Kiln Inlet Seal and Outlet Seal

Topic 2: Thrust Roller

Topic 3: Solutions to Problems in Kiln Mechanical Performance

Topic 4: Kiln Preventive Maintenance Checklist



A unique combination of theoretical and practical skills throughout this course will be learned, which will help you develop and execute the concepts and technical knowledge acquired in the daily maintenance activities. The following downloadable materials are part of the course to enhance and facilitate the participants’ learning experiences.

Participant manual: Include the key concepts, definitions, and activities presented in this course.

Work section book: Provide learning activities and hands-on practice – case study and exercises. Solutions are included after each training is completed. Certification is achieved by completing a satisfactory level of exercises, quizzes, and final exams for each module.

The course is conducted online, allowing students flexibility (within four weeks) to complete all modules. Students should expect to spend more than 10 hours per week and some additional time for private reading/study. A computer with Internet access (broadband recommended) and email will be required.


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