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The Cement Institute

Success in the cement industry depends on constant differentiation, evolution, innovation, and an ongoing drive to improve efficiency. Our creative, interactive, and relevant in-house, private, and public courses build technical capacity, increase professional knowledge and accelerate careers: motivating and supporting individuals to adopt a strategic approach that positively affects business performance and profit.

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Why Us

The Cement Institute innovates and develops inventive and unique learning methods, effectively employing new concepts, techniques, and procedures showing dynamic results, demonstrating eagerness and learning capacity among the participants.


Tailor-made Training Courses

A tailor-made training designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of the requesting organization. The clients set the objectives, topics, location, course length, and the number of participants. Moreover, the client assesses with TCI which items are emphasized during the course. TCI sends the final program to the client for approval.

A client can opt for different service levels ranging from basic to full service. TCI arranges for the course, facilities, traveling, accommodation, lunch, and dinner in the full-service option. At the basic services level, TCI provides the course and facilities. An on-site training program is also a possibility based on client requirements.

Participants receive a certificate of attendance and are asked to fill out the evaluation form to meet our client’s expectations in the future.

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